Sunday , 18 August 2019
20 MST3k B-Movie Desktop Backgrounds – Part 3

20 MST3k B-Movie Desktop Backgrounds – Part 3

A little Background

These hand illustrated adverts came in a number of different sizes and styles to meet the needs of the studio or theater. That versatility makes these vintage beauties a perfect match for a computer desktop or mobile background.

Half-Sheet (shown below)

A horizontal format that measures 22″ x 28″ and usually printed on thick stock paper. Newer prints were issued rolled, while older prints were usually folded twice. This poster format is considered extremely rare compared to a one sheet or insert. Like inserts, movie studios discontinued the half-sheet by the ’80s.

Click, View & Save:

d6arDMUYLqJsczpLt4cakG7rZ56creeping-unknown-postercombo_projected_man_poster_02brute_man_poster_02bride_of_monster_poster_02beginning-of-the-endattack_of_giant_leeches_poster_02amazing_transparent_man_poster_022636575320_d1f164c472_o1288092442110001626_jpg110001607_jpg411035-science-fiction-rocketship-x-m-poster47252a_lg46888a_lg22742_21958 Earth vs the spider (ing) (hs) 0112_to_the_moon_poster_02danger_diabolik_poster_02The Thing that Couldn't Die (Half-Sheet)

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