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20 MST3k B-Movie Desktop Backgrounds – Part 2

20 MST3k B-Movie Desktop Backgrounds – Part 2

Sizes & Styles:

Up until the 1980s, movie posters were printed in very limited quantities. Interestingly, American theaters rented their posters from film studios, after which these works of art were either returned or destroyed.

These hand illustrated adverts came in a number of different sizes and styles to meet the needs of the studio or theater. That versatility makes these vintage beauties a perfect match for a computer desktop or mobile background.

In our research, there were three main sizes between the b-movie posters we collected: One sheet, half-sheet, and inserts.

One Sheet (click here)

The most common (and collectable) type of movie poster. Nearly all one sheets printed before 1985 measure a full 27″ x 41″. Most recent one sheets are approximately 27″ x 40″. Keep in mind sizes can vary quite a bit and do not have to measure exactly as specified.

One sheets are always vertical in format. Until the 1980s, most were folded with one vertical and three horizontal creases. Some were even issued tri-folded. Today, one sheets are always rolled and remain the standard American format.


A vertical format poster, measuring 14″ x 36″ and printed on thicker stock paper. Inserts prior to the ’60s were often issued folded, while those printed after were rolled. Rarer than a one sheet, their smaller size makes them popular with collectors. Studios stopped issuing inserts by the early 1980s.

Half-Sheet (shown below)

A horizontal format that measures 22″ x 28″ and usually printed on thick stock paper. Newer prints were issued rolled, while older prints were usually folded twice. This poster format is considered extremely rare compared to a one sheet or insert. Like inserts, movie studios discontinued the half-sheet by the ’80s.

Click, View & Save:

The Rebel Set (1959) - Half-SheetGirls Town (1959) - Half-SheetThe Phantom Planet (1961) - Half-SheetNight of the Blood Beast (1958) - Half-Sheetmole_people_poster_02maxresdefaultlost_continent_1951_poster_04killer_shrews_poster_02IT-CONQUERED-THE-WORLD-landscapeindestructible_man_poster_03incredible-strangei-was-a-teenage-werewolfhorrors_of_spider_island_poster_02hercules_and_captive_women_poster_02gunslinger_poster_02gorgo_poster_02giant_gila_monster_02first spaceship on venusfire_maidens_of_outer_space_poster_02Devil-Doll-1964

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