Sunday , 18 August 2019


Textures for Download

TEXTURE The term is often misused, referring only to rough surfaces; However, all surfaces have texture, from tree bark to a glass mirror. While most textures have a naturalistic quality, some are clear patterns that repeat a theme or element. This is a motif.  A designer recognizes that different textures can affect visual interest and add variety to a composition without changing color or value relationships. While ... Read More »

Origami Paper Downloads

Many of our readers search for images to complete design projects. That’s why we make our high-resolution images available to you free of charge. This origami post is purely for educational purposes, since we do not own the designs on the paper below. If you would like to purchase these papers, visit Yasutomo’s large selection of kami and paper-backed foil. Kami Kami, or ... Read More »