Tuesday , 16 July 2019


Illustration Meets Paper Art

Eiko Ojala is a master of paper cut art. He creates simple illustrations that play with negative space and elemental shapes to produce intricate and powerful images. He plays with shadows and adds depth, creating a strong signature style. The level of detail is unbelievable. Ojala creates illustrations depicting landscapes, portraits and cartoon-like figures through the use of an illustration ... Read More »

David Schwen: “Pantone Pairings”

Pantone Pairings is a snack-inspiring project by Minneapolis-based artist David Schwen. In the clever and appetizing series, the illustrator, designer, and art director transformed many of our favorite food pairings into color complementing Pantone swatches. Whether you prefer sweet, sour, or salty, Schwen covers all of the bases. As a designer, you’re constantly picking color chips and pairing them up ... Read More »

“GIF-FITI”: Animated Murals By INSA

Unlike most street art, INSA‘s murals weren’t made to be seen in person – they’re best viewed online. That’s because the UK-based artist painstakingly paints, photographs and re-paints each of his works several times over in order to create these amazing animated GIF images. Each piece is created with movement in mind, with the artist envisioning the final animated result ... Read More »

Shadow Art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

SPOTLIGHT: Shadow Art Created from Junk by Tim Noble & Sue Webster Mind blown. Tim Noble and Sue Webster take ordinary objects – like rubbish – to make sculptures which really don’t look like anything. The magic happens when they point a light at them and project the shadows onto the walls. The process of transformation, from discarded waste, scrap metal ... Read More »

‘The Prince Lestat’ slated for 2014

By: Shannon Scheidell Anne Rice announced in March that she would release her latest novel this year. Since then, she has been interviewed by countless magazines who want to know why she’s returning to this world she created back in 1976. One recent interview was published by the LA Times on Oct. 23. Rice has written about characters who wrestle with ... Read More »

Aaron Spangler Woodcarvings Shown at Highpoint Center for Printmaking

By: Shannon Scheidell It’s not often we see artists creating works from scratch, but Aaron Spangler’s woodcarvings prove that the traditional art form has not gone out of style. From now until Nov. 15, visit the Highpoint Center for Printmaking and view his unique images, ranging in size from 4.5′ x 2.5′ to 8′ x 4′. The “canvas” is not as big ... Read More »

Third Annual Cat Video Film Festival at Walker Art Center

By: Shannon Scheidell It was unofficially Cat Day for thousands who came out to the Walker Art Center to participate in the Internet Cat Video Film Festival on Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. “The first time we had it, we thought a couple hundred people would come,” said Sarah Schultz, curator of public practice for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minn. ... Read More »

For the Birds: 1st Thursdays @ Orlando Museum of Art

By: Shannon Scheidell Sandra Scheetz-Wise’s piece titled “Economy” spoke volumes tonight at The Orlando Museum of Art. Encapsulating the atmosphere of drunk well-to-dos shmoozing it up with well-known and other wannabe local artists, you can really see the allegorical theme of the rich devouring the poor, taking elements from Scheetz-Wise’s paintings and extrapolating her concept on the entire array of people who bumped ... Read More »

Artists for Autism Showcase Work at Loft 55 Gallery & Boutique

By: Shannon Scheidell This is the first time a local Orlando art gallery is conducting a mural project to support awareness with autism and special needs development. “The number of people being diagnosed every year on the autism spectrum continues to increase as awareness increases, the question is how to help those diagnosed…” reads a headline from the the Loft 55’s website. The ... Read More »

B-side moves to Mills: Artist Tr3 now at the Peacock Room

By: Shannon Scheidell The art of Tr3 looks as if it were made by a handful of people, but aside from a few collaborative projects, artist Mark Harris (Tr3) creates all of his own works. His consistent painting production might be called an addiction, as is the theme of the opening reception at the Peacock Room. “He’s been doing it as long as I’ve ... Read More »